There was a time when obtaining online legal advice was not considered highly legitimate. Times have changed and quite frankly, any legal source not providing information online or access to it through a website and corresponding mobile site is behind the times and less than innovative. Our lives now revolve around the internet. This makes for the best and worst environment for obtaining legal advice. Both paid and free legal advice is accessible online through a variety of venues. Some of it is worth more than others, and some you will pay more for. Following is an explanation of some of the types of online legal advice sources you could encounter, and what type of value you may find on each of them.

Online Legal Advice that Doesn’t Cost You Anything

Most law schools, legal cases, and law journals can be accessed online. There are also numerous forums, some legit some not so much, where you can ask questions and have some valuable discourse with varying members of the legal community. This type of environment can deliver a wealth of valuable information at no cost to you, or it can be a wealth of ignorance spewed by a group of legal eagle wannabes. It is up to you to vet and discern the value of the online informational resources, forum communities, chat rooms and social media groups that you participate in. You can’t discount certain elements simply because a lawyer isn’t the source, nor can you automatically embrace anything just because a lawyer is the source. There is value and risk on both sides of the coin.

Paid Online Legal Advice

Some attorneys and legal practices have wisely figured out that there is a large number of people seeking legal advice that would prefer to access the information they need online. You can find legitimate legal advice that is available online for a fee. Other professions are also engaging in these types of paid online services, such as counselors, medical professionals and others. Online legal consulting is becoming more prevalent in todays virtual society that we all live in. These services are provided through a variety of platforms, including email, live chat and Skype sessions. They provide the value of a legal consult with the convenience of online access.

Naturally, as long as you have carefully vetted the source you are using, the paid online legal advices will almost always be more reliable and comprehensive in nature than a lot of the free online information you can obtain. It comes back to the popular saying, you get what you pay for. When delivering a paid service, you are obligated to include substance whereas a freebie piece of online advice or information carries no quality obligations to speak of. This is why the paid services are offered by licensed attorneys and the free services may or may not have professionals involved that can provide legitimate insight.

Which Type of Online Legal Advice is Right For Me?

This truly depends on a variety of elements, including how complex your case or situation is, how much you already know, and what point in the decision making process you are at. It might be ideal for you to start with the online legal communities to talk to people who have been through what you are going through, and find out how they handled it and what worked or didn’t work for them. Weigh this information with your desired course of action. Find a legitimate lawyer with the proper credentials that offers a free consultation to discuss your situation further – something which can now be done online. If you determine that professional legal services are necessary to resolve your situation, you may be able to even follow through with a very tech savvy attorney who offers his services online. Most forms and documents can be transmitted online, allowing many client – attorney relationships to be initiated, fostered and maintained through online communication.