The most common type of free legal advice is in the form of a free legal consultation administered by an attorney. These types of meetings are typically pretty short and can benefit both parties. The attorney is able to glean enough information to determine if your case would be one worth taking, and you can evaluate not only the attorney themselves, but whether or not you case warrants professional legal representation. Before you schedule this type of free consultation with a lawyer, be sure to review his or her credentials to verify they are indeed licensed and certified to practice law in your area. It also doesn’t hurt to check their reputation through online review services and/or the better business bureau. You don’t want to even bother with an attorney who has a reputation for cheating his clients or who is known for suckering clients in through a free consultation in which honest information is not shared.

Free Legal Advice Based on Personal Experience

Actionable legal advice does not always come by way of a lawyer. For example, I’ve been involved in a non-contested divorce in the past. My experience enables me to share what I learned to assist someone else in their efforts to file the same type of divorce package, potentially saving them time and effort researching the process. I am not a lawyer, legal student or trained in any area of law, yet my experience is beneficial to others due to the low profile nature of what is involved in a non-contested divorce situation. I’m able to share that an attorney is not really needed in this situation, which could save someone a lot of money. It was free legal advice that could benefit someone greatly. This type of advice would not be sufficient for someone whose divorce includes custody issues, property division or any other contestable component. So while the experiences of your friends and family can be applicable to your situation, make sure they are not the only information that you use to base your decisions on, particularly if your legal scenario is complex in any way.

Free Legal Advice Through Researching Valid Sources

Doing your own research is certainly one way to approach obtaining and enhancing free legal advice. There are tremendous benefits to this type of approach, providing you are qualified to interpret the information that you locate. Spending some time doing research at valid sources such as a law library, law school, or the website of a respected legal practice can ensure that you make the most of any free consultations or legal appointments that you are able to obtain. While lawyers may not always offer up tons of free advice during a no-charge legal consultation, they are not likely to refuse to answer your questions. Come armed with good questions that will really impact your ability to make an informed decision regarding the best course of action for your specific situation. You may find after your research that all you need is to visit a website such as to square away what you need, or you may find out that you definitely need a legal professional involved. Nobody every lost a case or legal proceeding due to too much information.


Regardless of how you obtain your free legal advice, don’t discount the value that it can have if handled and applied properly. Shows such as Better Call Saul definitely demonstrate to us how the industry can be manipulated, so we urge you to always use due diligence when seeking out the input of a legal professional. Consider the source when obtaining free legal advice that is not sourced from a legal professional, and glean what you can from every opportunity.

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